The Resiliency for Life Team Includes

Michael H Ballard
President and Founder
Michael’s upbeat message is about taking responsibility for where we’re at in our life. When we chose to live resiliently it can make a very powerful, and positive impact on our relationships, educational path, career, health and happiness.

Michael specializes in resiliency. His practice includes his work as a consultant, facilitator, workshop leader and writer with over 19 years of experience working with clients from Bermuda to Singapore, Halifax to Vancouver. His programs and those of his associates assist individuals, families, teams and organizations build resiliency skills for greater levels of durability and success.

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Penelope Colville, M.A.
Program Design
Penelope Colville worked in both journalism and commercial film before acquiring her 90 credit Master of Arts in Educational Technology from Concordia University in Montreal (1989), a curriculum for corporate operatives. Penelope has practiced her design consultancy in several Canadian cities and on projects in the U.S and China. She continues to maintain relationships with friends and colleagues in Victoria, Calgary, Montreal, St. John’s and Dallas. She enjoys travel and food.

Dora Mugambi, M.B.A. BSC.
Program Manager
Dora is a resourceful, upbeat, multilingual marketing strategist, with a unique blend of business and non-profit experience gained both in North America and international markets. Recognized for leadership in design and implementation of unique programs that stimulate revenue generation, and heighten brand recognition. A quick study with multiple industry experience gained from leaders in prescription (Rx) Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Point of Care Diagnostics (DX), Clean Technology & Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) industries. Adept at navigating and leading in complex cross-functional matrix environments.


Wayne Hammond Ph.D. Resiliency Initiatives
Strength Based Practice and Evaluation Expert
Wayne is a specialist on strength based practise and evaluation. He has clients in all sectors. His clients include corporations where he assists them better "hear" and understand the stories of the communities they are in. Then assist them better align their assets to be a more valued member of the community through a more effective understanding of their social responsibilities. With Departments and Boards of Education, Social Service Agencies, Economic Development Agencies, Police Services, Provincial Agencies, First Nations Groups and communities, Not-for-Profits, and many more. He is a highly requested to speak at events and conferences on a very frequent basis.

Dr. Michael C. Irving Ph.D.
Psychotherapist, Consultant and Sculptor
He is an award winning professional including being the 2007 Stand Up for Kids Award. He created it with the participation of child abuse survivors. It is a bronze monument that acknowledges and validates childhood abuse victims. This monument honours the spirit and courage of participating survivors and empowers survivors to speak out.

Dr. Irving has worked as a psychotherapist with individuals and groups. For more than 25 years he has led psychotherapy workshops on - healing emotional trauma through regressive therapies, mind/body integration, multiple personality, ego state therapy, primal therapy, art therapy, prenatal parenting and, working with pre and prenatal issues through art and art workshops on - stone sculpting, sculpting in clay, model making, cement fondue casting, resin mould making, plaster mould making, wood working, wood carving, and poetry.

Cindy Brandon BA. ECE. Md.E.
Early Childhood Education and Child Advocate Advisor to RFL
Cindy is an Early Childhood Educational professional. In her first career position she was a Child Advocate in her capacity as a Child Life Specialist in the health care system. Currently she is an Early Childhood professor at Centennial College. In her spare time Cindy enjoys travel and cottaging.

Pauline Camuti, H.B.A.A., E.C.E.
Early Childhood Education
Pauline is both the Early Childhood Educational Program Coordinator and an E.C.E. professor for Centennial College. She has been an early childhood professional for over 20 years.

Leland (Lee) Thomas, MBA CAAP
Leland (Lee) has won awards in advertising, marketing and sales in his 29-year career. His experience encompasses B2B and B2C marketing and sales with a special focus on business development and new product introductions. He is an engaging and skilled trainer and seminar leader, an insightful consultant and a results-focused contract executive. When Leland isn't consulting with RFL, he is sailing or dreaming of the next season.