What are your needs?

Resiliency for Life can support your needs through several of our services.

Our Services Include:

Customized and Tailored Programming
for in-house, conferences, special events,
on-line live, community events, and prerecorded programs

Workshops Include
Learning how to Bounce
Inner Calm Outer Storm©
The Resilient Professional
The Resilient Job Seach
On-Line / e-Learning

Programming Services
Program Co-Development
Audit of Participant understanding Pre, During and Post programming
e-Learning / On-Line Programming

- Engagement
- Program content and delivery
- The language of Resiliency
- Creating a Resilient culture

Organizational Benefits

Is employee stress and lack of resiliency causing:
- absenteeism,
- loss of productivity
- underwhelming performance in your company?

Do you want to reduce:
- chronic health costs,
- medical benefits costs,
- workers compensation insurance rates
- stress claims?

Are you looking for ways to keep your people healthy and prevent stress-related illnesses?

Is your Health and Wellness Program or Employee Assistance Program looking for an effective stress and resiliency mastery component?

Do you want to increase:
- sales
- customer service
- staff retention and engagement
- client satisfaction

We can assist you.

Contact us today at:
T: 416-229-4655
E: Inquiry@MichaelHBallard.com