About Michael Ballard

It is not every day you meet an entrepreneur who decided to start a business while he is in the midst of fighting a very serious illness. Yet that’s exactly when Michael knew he had to start his company that would become Resiliency for Life. Through those serious health issues Michael has had to fight for his life three times.

Michael’s upbeat message is about taking responsibility for where we’re at in our life. When we chose to live resiliently it can make a very powerful, and positive impact on our relationships, educational path, career, health and happiness. It changes the quality of the experience and very often the outcomes!

Michael specializes in resiliency. His practice includes his work as a consultant, facilitator, workshop leader and writer with over 21 years of experience working with clients from Bermuda to Singapore, Halifax to Vancouver. His programs and those of his associates assist individuals, families, teams and organizations build resiliency skills for greater levels of durability and success.

Michael’s interest in resiliency started at an early age when he noticed how some people felt defeated by the slightest set back, while with others nothing ever seemed to slow them down. Later as an adult, he faced a seven-year battle with cancer. His earlier interest and insights he had gained helped him immensely. His interest in resiliency paid many dividends during a very intense seven-year journey.

In Michael's first career he worked for ten years with an international packaged goods firm, where he moved up through five different positions in Canada. In his last position, Michael played a major role in the acquisition of the largest dollar volume account in the company's history.

Selected achievements of Michael include:

Is a graduate of the:
Mental Health First Aid
Adult to Adult Mental Health Dec 2016
Adult with Youth Mental Health January 2017
Canadian Mental Health Commission

NLP Coach Practitioner Program April 2021
- ABNLP Approved Quantum Leadership Program
Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc

10,000 staff over eleven years and all new division hires have taken his program "Having a Vital Career", for an international technology firm. This video program assists with retention through personal and professional resiliency development.

Trained psychiatric doctors, nursing professionals and staff on his program "The Resilient Professional" at an Ontario psychiatric hospital.

984 IT professionals took Michael's "The Resilient Learner" and where trained and coached to learn how to accelerate their learning using resiliency skills. All 900 of them successfully graduated after learning over 130 weeks of IT information in 50 weeks.

Teaching leadership, management and communications skills at the college level.

Lectured at the Dalhousie University Medical Faculty Friday at Four Lecture Series as the first ever layperson on Resiliency and Medicine.

Lectured at the Halifax Infirmary Grand Rounds Lectures Series as the first ever layperson on the paybacks of Resiliency for Medcal Professionals and patients.

Developed innovative field training for customers staff and front line managers to assist reach and exceed business objectives by 60 per cent when this retailer were over 34 per cent short staffed.

Lectured at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital on using resiliency skills to deal with chronic illness and adversity.

Michael's volunteer work has garnered him some interesting experiences.

Co-chaired the Children of Chernobyl program for the Quinte Ontario Region. In four years, he doubled the size of the program it's funding and number of volunteers.

Coordinated non-government organizations (NGO's) for Operation Parasol when Kosovo refugees arrived in Trenton, Ontario with 37 NGO's and over 800 refugees.

Chaired the Volunteer Development program for the Canadian Cancer Society Quinte Branch for a number of years.

Was an active member of the United Way of Quinte Board of Directors for several years.

Was an very active member of the NBMBAA National Black MBA Association Toronto Chapter for four years assisting with recruitment of new members and career coaching.

Is a past member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) Professional Sales Designation Committee. They set standards for the CPSA professional sales designation.

Is a past member of the Loyalist College Business Sales Advisory Committee. They set standards for the Loyalist College professional sales program.

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