Inspiration and Engagement

The purpose of these social media pages are two fold.
First is to assist people gain some brief
insights inspiration on
how to be more resilient.

Second help them see some very inexpensive ways
to engage with others. To goal is to help start a conversation
about resiliency that is safe and gently upbeat.

Help us help inspire others!
Do you have an upcoming event in the Toronto / GTA area?
We would like to set up our camera and do our on-site micro (5-15 seconds) interviews to get more faces and thoughts camera to share and motivate others to be more resilient.

That is what our 101Faces of Resiliency project is all about.
Engagement and conversation. Role models and examples.

Contact us at
E: ResilientMichael@gmail. com

I wish you well on your journey ahead.

Resiliency for Life

Imagination is everything. It is the
preview of life's coming attractions
- Albert Einstein