Why Resiliency?

People attend our programs because they know that their staff need to become more resilient. In a world of increasing change and uncertainty, resiliency skills increase personal stability and effectiveness.

Resiliency impacts productivity, sales, customer service, quality control, communications, retention, recruitment, absenteeism and staff morale.

Pre/post emergency resiliency training

The resilency services we offer suppliment those of traditional mental health professionals. After the EMS (Emergency Measures Services) and EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) teams have done their work (one week to several months later), our Resiliency Team is often called in. Many times we find that staff have lingering issues. Our programs are designed to help participants gain a sense of perspective and add skills that enable them to move forward.

Our team has worked in this capacity with front line blue-collar, health care, technical, office, and mental health workers.

Our services have been used to assist staff members after:
• serious work place incidents
• signficant work place change
• a serious accident
• a major health issue is diagnosed

Case studies resiliency

This pdf file has several case studies demonstrating how Resiliency for Life has been hired to address issues concerning:
• productivity
• retention
• recruitment
• confidence building
• post trauma work place incidence resiliency rebuilding

Often, we provide this type of resiliency skills education in a fast paced team learning environment.

Fear is met and destroyed with courage.
James F Bell