Topics Include:

Resistance is Futile: Thoughts on Becoming Elastic©
Discover the key skills and factors it takes to deal with life's unexpected upsets and major adversity and bounce back.How's your high wire gravity defying skills doing? Life favours the prepared mind!

This topic is one vital for the continued success of individuals, teams and organizations. Stress, chronic illness, and mental health are all taking a very expensive toll on staff and the bottom line. The Government of Singapore, IBM and many other groups have hired me to work with their staff and managers on this topic.

Feelings, Fire and Other Dangerous Things©
How we develop and use our emotional intelligence (EI) has a very large impact on our success and happiness, affecting all areas of our lives. Researchers have found that those that have and use their EI can be up to 112% more effective than coworkers of equal IQ, training and work ethic. How's your EI working for you?

Imagine Yourself©
Three essential states of being
Learn how to Relax, Rejuvenate and Reboot Yourself!
The three most important skills we need to use to maximize our performance and enjoyment of life. Relationships, careers, and our health are enriched or broken over our ability to use these three very powerful skills. They ensure we are more productive, connected and less fatigued despite what it is we are going through. How far can you go when the pressure is on?

Relationships are Not for Sissies©
Why can't we all just get along?
Learn about the key skills we all need to know and use to ensure we build the most successful relationships in all areas of our lives!

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