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What does Michael and Resiliency for Life do?

We help people and groups learn how to stretch in the face of life's upsets and adversity and create better quality experiences and more successful outcomes. They gain an understanding of the process and the factors that can deepen their capacity to thrive. They end up taking greater ownership over themselves, the journey and their outcomes. I help people build their resiliency and develop their potential for more positive outcomes.

How does Resiliency work?
Most of us have been conditioned to see the negatives and dig for deficits in our lives. This can place large limits on personal and career achievement, education, relationships, health and happiness and successful outcomes personally and professionally.

I share my lessons with an upbeat and realistic sense of humor. I've worked with clients from Bermuda to Singapore to Sweden. I've worked with all sectors of society and all ages from Fortune 500 and Canadian 500, companies, through health care, associations, social services and community groups and faith groups.

I've been honoured to tell my story from Bermuda to Singapore and coast to coast in North America.

Your Program Outcomes
Lets work together to design a program with measurable and meaningful outcomes for your group and their circumstances.

People don't need to be motivated.
They need perspective to be inspired, an easy to understand process, key skills to learn and use, and a common language
they understand and can use as they work through the turmoil.
Michael provides that.

About Michael Ballard QNLP®
Michael's expertise is in the area of resiliency, thriving and flourishing. He helps people discover key skills that will assist them make a significant difference in their lives. They learn what he practised during his incredible seven-year, multi treatment battle with two cancers, and his incredible midnight journey on his birthday to the OR to save his life. Also how during this same time moved up through four positions in his career in just under seven years.

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More than education,
more than experience,
more than training,
a person's level of resilience
will determine who succeeds
and who fails.

Diane Coutu
Harvard Business Review

Imagine Yourself
is launching in under 75 days!

Imagine Yourself model

We are very close to releasing our Imagine Yourself Program. Mental Health programming for all ages.

Faith, Hope & Courage Project is launching in 2021

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